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Anyone with an interest in guitar/composing/arranging and music theory can book lessons with Markus Plattner. The first lesson is always free. To start, please send me an email.

Please note that Markus is a jazz musician and his expertise is with jazz and derivative styles. The same applies to the composing/arranging side of the online lessons. However beginners of any style can get benefits from these lessons. 

Lessons can be delivered in English, German and French.

Online Teaching can be very effective and there are few disadvantages when comparing to traditional face-to-face teaching. On the plus side you don’t have to leave your home to receive the lessons and therefore save time and money.


Requirements on the user side

In order to profit from the lessons you need to have reasonably fast internet access (broadband) and a webcam. The lessons are delivered via Skype or other similar services such as Google Hangouts oder Apple Face Time.

Generally and unless otherwise agreed, the lessons are charged at a price that is in line with similar offers in your country or across the internet.